The Abyss

Dear Wild Heart, 

I often wake up already thinking….busy noisy.. 

There in lies The Abyss.

 Habitual thinking kicks in. Clanking tired thoughts that run on unconscious highways in my mind. I always… I never…. I can’t. 

A dark chasm with no bottom or purpose. 

Not Today

(Or any other)

Choose the thoughts. 

Make tender new pathways in woodland glades and wild flower fields. 

I am enough, I am loved, I am worthy. Let the goodness in. Flood me. Surrender. Bask. 

Change the feeling in my body, move, music, aromatic dressing with oils, using incredible face cream, body cream, journaling, my favourite tea, my favourite dress, make up if I feel like it… love love love love 

Connect with nature. It’s so constant, rhythmic, present. 

Unapologetic in itself. Nothing can be wrong or right, it just is. 

We have consciousness we get to create, to marvel, to feel, to see… 

Let art be your life and life be your art. 

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