Body Positivity

Dear Wild Heart,

Let’s talk FAT  …. Let’s talk body positivity! 

I’ve wanted to do this for so long! It means so much to me when woman claim their space. 

So I’ll be claiming a fair bit going forward.I’m a very short and very round woman…. And in the last 15 years I’ve almost doubled my body weightEvery part of me wants to explain….justify…excuse...I have a medial condition that makes me susceptible to rapid unexplained weight gain and established weight I can’t shift for love or money. 

I have been crippled with exhaustion….

Blah blah BUT f*%ck that really! 

Why explain it, excuse it, justify it…. Feel shame. 

Living like I believe - before I’ve got out of bed every day - I have somehow failed at a standard society holds high. Stretch marks, saggy skin, wrinkles, fat rolls … they are everywhere, hidden and shamed. 

This is as bonkers as trying to hide eye colour. Simple inevitable facts of life, no matter what reason, they are part of our humanity…part of each person’s story. 

And I for one intend on celebrating each journey and seeing all the beauty.

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