Fizzy Toilet Bombs

Dear Wild Hearted Mama,

What the FUNK?! Toilets can be a bug bear…..and I am the only woman in my house… little boys, pee...
Sometimes things are just funky.

I totally surrender to this reality - BUT life is far too much fun for it to cause me tension and unhappiness.

Simplest Toilet Hack, chuck a toilet bomb in the loo before bed, the citric acid will have some time to fizz away at the limescale and the bicarbonate of soda at unwanted odours…

In my house, the efforts are lost during the nightly pee vigils, but I think it helps in the long run.

The morning holds the key to the real magic and murky rituals of self care around my porcelain throne.

I enter the bathroom and chuck a Fizzy Toilet Bomb in the toilet, leaving it to fizz, I hop into the shower and get about feeling amazing. 

After I have dried myself I give the bathroom a quick once over.

I swish the toilet with the brush agitating the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda and loosening any debris…

I spray with On Guard Cleaner Concentrate or my DIY Multi-Purpose Mix on the toilet and wipe down external areas with a bit of toilet paper. 

I use my wet towel and wipe the basin and the taps, polish up the floor with the foot mat…. One day when I am really organised I would dry the shower too. 

I take all the towels, the mat and as I pass the kitchen, the tea towel and dishcloth to the washing machine. 

This takes minutes! BINGO, the bathroom looks clean.


1 cup Bicarbonate of Soda
¼ cup Citric Acid
Less than a tablespoon of Castile Soap or On Guard Cleaner Concentrate
20-30 Drops of DōTERRA Essential Oils (some oils are stronger) 

Blend all dry ingredients

Add essential oils, the cleansing choices are DōTERRA Purify, Lemon, Tea Tree, lemongrass…. I have to say I am the biggest fan of citrus. The uplifting properties of citrus make the bathroom smell lush and the cleansing properties are an excellent profile for a cleaner. 

Measure out half a tablespoon of On Guard Cleaner Concentrate/ Castile Soap and add it. 

Blend everything together. It will foam a little where the soap meets the powder… the consistency you are after is crumbling but will bind when pressed hard. Add the rest of the soap slowly until you get this consistency. Too much and the little bombs of fizzy action will bubble away as they set, and remain crumbly, but do not worry if that happens, as it still works. 

Once you are satisfied you can press the crumbly mixture into silicone moulds, I use my chocolate moulds.

Allow a minimum of two hours to set, overnight is better. 
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