Elevate with Gratitude

Dear Wild Heart

Today I am on a mission.

Do you see the donut or the hole? Are you a glass half full, or glass half empty person? I used to joke that I was a glass overflowing person…. 

What if there is no glass… 

What if we are walking around all day with the energetic key to alchemy, allowing it to lie dormant and unused?

We have a superpower, a mental ability that harmonises our hearts, minds and gut. It is free and available all the time. The more you do it the easier it gets...

Gratitude is the magic energy to up level, feel joy and elevate our lives… we KNOW it,  but we have to choose it. 

Stop being busy, pause and consciously declare it….maybe later when I have a moment? 

Who feels like raising their vibe? I am the first one to put my hand up with erratic gratitude practices…

My new promise to myself, from today until I die.
Whenever I see a number that jumps out at me, say out loud, something I am grateful for. 08:08 or 11:11 or 05:55 or 15:51… etc. 

When I see a number pop, it is time to stop and feel gratitude…I will speak out loud.  I will let it swell and glow. I believe this is the moment of no glass, the moment I get to energetically choose my Matrix. 

Feel it swell..

As I practice gratitude it is like bathing my cells in sunlight, it is the path to joy. It is like a smile, contagious. 

I am going to anchor this practice with DōTERRA Elevation, the joyful blend, and wear it in my diffuser necklace. This way I can make new neural pathways in my brain making gratitude a conscious way of life.  

On the Map of Consciousness, joy is ranked 540, while shame, for example, is 20, and enlightenment is 700-1000 climbing its way from Alpha to Omega. 

In Brene Brown’s research the people who experienced the most joyful lives, without fail, were the ones who had a daily gratitude practice. 

Top Tips for Gratitude Practices

Annual Gratitude 
Have a jar and a pen and paper next to it, through the year let the family write out all the things they are grateful for and pop it in the jar. On New Year’s Eve decorate the Christmas tree with all the papers whilst reading them aloud. 

Memory Jogger
Have a stone in your pocket, when you feel it, think of things you are grateful for, this is from the film The Secret. Maybe numbers do not draw your attention but pink cars do… any memory jogger will be good.

Have a journal and write in it daily. 

Mediate and incorporate gratitude into the practice. 

Family Ritual
Have a round of gratitude at the dinner table. 

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne
This is a whole book of gratitude practice and a really deep dive into cultivating The Magic into your life… this is literally the energetic key to alchemy. 

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