10 Tips on Building your Tribe

A love letter to my Wild Hearted Friends, 

To the lady in the check out at the supermarket - thank you for telling me about your poorly son.  

To the man at the kids rides, each year in autumn half term, thank you for remembering me, and letting my boy linger between rides. 

To the lady I met in a network meeting, you inspire me daily,  thank you for your comments, likes and shares on my social media posts, thank you. 

To the lady over the road who brings my children sweets each Friday, thank you. 

To the friend I met over toddler group squeals and tears, our friendship is built on fleeting conversations, over busy boisterous children, in snippets, in milky memories, not sure if I was awake or asleep. Thank you

To the friend who saw my sadness and called me, thank you.

To the friend who brought a meal when we were poorly, thank you. 

To the person I said no to, that I do not like how things are - you got it, and thanked me for my clarity. Thank you.

To the friends who are in an uproar about vaccinations, either way, who were happy to drop it when I asked, thank you. 

To every moment shared in kindness and respect with others, thank you. Those collected over time, layered into professional or personal relationships, I salute you. You give my life meaning and value, I am grateful. 

If friendships and community are not your default setting, and you want to create more in your life, here are 10 Tips from a compulsive connector and community creator. 

How to Build your Tribe

  1. Be you, shine bright, never dim your light or shrink. Nobody can be you but you, very corny but true. 

  1. Say hello, begin a conversation, smile. 

  1. Show up again and again, as yourself. You will be magnetic.

  1. Give it time, remain consistent - layer moment over moment - this is the secret sauce!

  1. Be a champion for those around you, help, inspire and give a leg up where you can.

  1. Be kind, people love that 

  1. Listen, really listen, affirm the experience that is shared with you.

  1. Ditch the small talk - heart to heart is in quantum time

  1. If people are not your people, this is amazing, don’t take it personally, be happy to have more clarity on who your people are. 

  1. Find events and places that are aligned with your values and intentions, go where your tribe will be

Most of all, be you,


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