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The Wild Heart Oil Tribe is strong team that works closely together in a supportive and generous culture.

Manifesto of The Wild Heart Oil Tribe 

We have a positive atmosphere. Authentic and sincere. We celebrate being ourselves, our unique voices. Dreams come true. We work with ease, grace, joy and flow in business building. Honest & transparent outstanding team support. Outstanding customer support. Respect, love and trust are the pillars of our culture. Clear kind communication. Safe and kind. 

If you are looking for a business opportunity DōTERRA offers 3 pathways

- Casually share with your friends and earn free oils
- Supplement your income
- Replace your income

Is it easy and quick? Not at all. Is it a personal development program wrapped up in an essential oils business with potential friendships, personal growth and financial reward for consistent work, over time? 100% yes! 

We run a new business builder program called The Nuts and Bolts every 6 weeks. Message me to find out more. 

Why Partner with DōTERRA as a BUSINESS

DōTERRA has a sustainable, quality ethical product. The company is has been well established for over a decade and has no depts. 84% of our products are exclusive to DōTERRA. 

DōTERRA is customer focused, the majority of our sales are from wholesale customers and 14% of us are decide to partner with DōTERRA. This gives us a very stable business grounded in people using and loving the oils. In fact we have a 65% customer retention rate, record breaking in the direct selling industry. 

We have ethics that are changing the world, creating economic opportunity and financial stability in developing nations. DōTERRA gives back to disadvantaged communites through Healing Hands. 

We have a business invitation webinar called Love of Oils that is every 6 weeks where we go into more detail. Let me know if you are interested by filling out the Biz Chat form.

hope to belief

Changing the world one drop at a time

Support & Resources for Your Success

Why Partner with dōTERRA

Most tested trusted  essential oils with CPTG purity and quality

Over 4.5 million customers
65% Customer retention rate 
We build our business on the product and customer care
DōTERRA is billion dollar company with no dept
Part of a 3.4 Trillion dollar wellness market
DōTERRA creates economic opportunity and financial stability in developing nations
Gives back to disadvantaged communities  
Pays growers fairly and preserves agricultural knowledge  
Sustainable transparent sourcing

As you grow your DōTERRA business you will touch lives across the world. Each purchase improves the lives of growers and their communities. 

We're Here for You!

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